DSGW-5 DataSenseTM Gateway 5-Year System

DSGWGateway Description

  • Information is received by RF link from 5-Year DataSense Transmitters within a reception radius of up to 1 mile, depending upon topography and the location of the Gateway Receiver
  • Use of DataSense Repeaters in conjunction with the Gateway Receiver provides for an extended coverage range of up to 2 miles (topography dependant)
  • System verifies information integrity and identifies unreasonable or erroneous meter readings
  • The Gateway utilizes error correction algorithms in order to process erroneous messages
  • The Gateway Receiver provides the system with signal strength information and additional data facilitating comprehensive radio performance analyses at the DataSense Control Center



  • The Gateway Receiver transfers the data to the DataSense Control Center software (Energy Management System)
  • The data is backhauled on a real-time basis via the public/private network to the control center
  • The Gateway Receiver includes various embedded transceivers/interfaces including GSM/GPRS modem, WiFi 802.11 b/g transceiver or a LAN TCP/IP interface
  • Open architecture design facilitates interface to virtually any external management system
  • Optional link to any RS232 data collection equipment

'DSGW-5 Spec Sheet.pdf'