Simple, easy-to-use automatic meter reading by Cereniti

DSTx-5 DataSenseTM 5-Year Transmitter

DSTxTransmitter Description

  • Independent transmitter connected to standard meter pickups (pulsed output only)
  • Collects and transmits information from most North American Utility meters (including multi-utility collection – water, gas, and electric within the same system network)
  • Stand alone unit with internal power source (5 years expected battery life)
  • Easily replaceable, readily available battery (CR123)
  • High reliability (indoor applications)
  • Easy and quick installation - no need for extensive infrastructure
  • Easy to retrofit to compatible, existing utility meters



  • Easy interface to any pulsed output meter (Water, Gas, and Electric)
  • Cumulative information stored and transmitted
  • User defined data transmission rate
  • Tamper protection (optional)
  • FCC licensed

'DSTx-5 Spec Sheet.pdf'