DSRP-10 DataSenseTM Repeater 10-Year System 


Repeater Description

  • Repeaters are installed throughout a site to collect transmissions from 10-Year DataSense Transmitters within range
  • For sub-metering applications, a single Repeater will provide coverage for 40-80 utility meters depending upon type of construction and project layout
  • The DataSense Repeater incorporates advanced software features minimizing radio message collision


  • Messages are collected and immediately transmitted
  • Messages are verified and validity-checked via error correction algorithms
  • Repeaters can be cascaded to maximize coverage area (optional)
  • Solar-powered (re-chargeable battery) option available
  • High reliability in indoor or outdoor installations
  • The Repeater provides the system with signal strength information and additional data facilitating
    comprehensive performance analyses
'DSRP-10 Spec Sheet.pdf'