Cereniti Reaches Milestone: Half-a-Million Meters Connected

Cereniti DataSense Networks, the most advanced provider of submetering systems in North America, announced today that its technology now connects over half-a-million water, gas, and electricity meters in the US to billing systems.

Indianapolis, IN, March 10th, 2010 --- Cereniti DataSense Networks, today announced that over the course of Q4 2009 it reached the significant milestone of having over 500 thousand submetering water, gas, and electric meters connected through its technology to billing systems.

Cereniti's submetering solutions enable countless property owners to measure individual utility usage and bill for it. Cereniti's submetering solutions are sold exclusively through authorized distributors.

"Obviously we are very pleased to have reached this milestone," said Yarum Locker, Cereniti's president, "We are honored to have our solutions provide accurate and reliable data to so many properties. Of course, we owe this success to our distributors and partners; none of this would have been possible without them."

"This milestone is important because it is reflective of our strong customer growth as we continue our commitment to offer the best service at the most competitive price," continued Locker, "85 percent of rental properties in the U.S. are not yet submetered, obviously there is plenty of room to grow and we plan to lead the way there."

Cereniti will continue to aggressively market its range of submetering products across North America. The sub-metering targets include, but are not limited to, apartments & condominiums, manufactured housing and RV Parks & Marinas. Sub-metering solution.

About Cereniti Datasense Networks

Cereniti markets submetering solutions exclusively through authorized distributors. If you are interested in finding out more about our submetering systems, please contact one of our distributors. www.cereniti.com