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SPHERE Four Three Three

Cereniti's “SPHERE Four Three Three” solutions have been designed to address the AMR challenges of small communities and facilities of less than 50 utility meters. Utility charges such as water consumption are either bundled into the tenant rent or allocated among tenants (wherever this process is still permitted). In either case, the tenant has no incentive to conserve and in the former case, the property owner is exposed to higher utility costs without the capability of passing these increased costs on to the tenant. Add to this the fact that utility costs (such as water) are increasing each year and, in some locations, local water utilities or state governments are imposing restrictions on water use that carry heavy penalties if such restrictions are not observed.

The Key Challenge – Return on Investment

The justification of an AMR system for small properties is much more challenging than for larger properties, where capital costs and operating costs can be spread across a larger number of tenant units. It is to address this challenge that Cereniti developed the SPHERE Four Three Three product line. This product line, which operates in the same manner as Cereniti’s standard AMR sub-metering product, utilizes a license-free wireless frequency and does not require an FCC site license for operation. The elimination of the cost of an FCC site license, and the lower cost for SPHERE endpoints, gateways, and cellular data costs results in a capital investment cost that can be financially justified even for very small properties. Return on investment can be realized in as short a time-frame as one year after deployment.

Ease of Installation

In some cases, the property owner may desire to install the SPHERE Four Three Three system since the property may have just a small number of meters. The installation of the system is straightforward, and if completed by the property owner can further reduce the initial capital cost. Some property owners have already taken upon themselves to install the system and have been able to keep their installation cost to a minimum.

Building Modifications

Small commercial properties such as strip malls and or small office buildings may often sub-divide their spaces for new tenants and, thus, require the addition of new meters. With the SPHERE Four Three Three system these meters can be easily added without the need to modify an existing FCC site license. When the site extends beyond the range of the SPHERE 433 Gateway a second SPHERE 433 Gateway can be added to accommodate the additional meters.

In Addition….

Cereniti SPHERE Four Three Three in many cases allows the property to utilize existing meters. The system will detect leaks after the meter, identify non-advancing meters, and issue other alerts provided by Cereniti with the standard AMR sub-metering system.