Retrofit your property with Cereniti

Turn waterflow into cashflow

The business case for submetering is simple and powerful. A typical submetering project will see a Return on Investment of less than eighteen months.

Submetering encourages conservation, improves cashflow, and increases the value of your property. That much is a fact.

The problem seems to be with the banks, they are simply not lending the funds necessary to carry out submetering projects. We have a solution for that.

Cereniti’s answer to this challenge is to offer PRICE. A brand-new installment purchase option for our submetering equipment. Quite simply, since capital loans have become a significant barrier to submetering, Cereniti will remove that barrier, allowing property owners to acquire the equipment they need with only a minimal outlay of capital.

Working with our distribution partners, Cereniti can provide all the necessary equipment for you to retrofit your existing property.