Glossary of terms used on this site

Glossary of terms used on this site

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A notice by the AMR system that something function in it is outside acceptable parameters. For example, a meter that has not registered any advancement over a long period of time would generate a “non-advancing meter” alert. See also: burst pipe alert, non-advancing meter alert, possible tampering alert, and slow-leak alert.


Often used interchangeably with RUBS (see RUBS). Also, see Utility Allocation.

Allocation types

The basis by which utility expenses are apportioned to users. Common types include unit count, occupant count, occupant ratio, square footage, and a combination of occupant count and square footage. Less common types include bathroom count and fixture count. Essentially, all allocation types use some sort of rule of thumb to guess how much water was used.


Acronym for Automated Meter Reading. A technology used in utility meters for collecting the data that is needed for billing, administration, and management purposes. AMR works by extracting consumption reads in either pulse or encoded format from the meters and transmitting the information to a control center. AMR technology does not require physical access or visual inspection.